Amazing Benefits Of Cumin Seeds (JEERA)

To improve digestion: Cumin seeds are known to strengthen digestive system Enzymes present in cumin help to breakdown foods and thus aids indigestion.

To beat constipation: Cumin seeds have high fibre content, which boost the activity of gastrointestinal tract. This in turn stimulates enzyme secretion. Cumin seeds have components as Cuminaldehyde, Thymol and Phosphorous, which are good detoxifying agents and so cumin seeds are capable of healing severe digestive disorders, like piles.

To relieve asthma and cold:  Cumin seeds contain Thymoquinone, which reduces inflammatory processes that cause Asthma. Due to their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, cumin seeds are an awesome home remedy for cold and cough.

 For glowing skin : A face pack containing honey and cumin seeds will makes skin glowy and smooth. Honey soothes inflamed tissues and this spice will prevent the skin from becoming too dry. Apply some jojoba oil after washing it off your face.


For long and shiny hair:  Cumin can also help you get long and lustrous tresses.

Anti-Ageing Benefits: Vitamin E present in cumin triggers the anti-ageing processes within the body, thus preventing pre mature ageing symptoms. It acts as an antioxidant to combat the free radicals that attack the skin and cause signs of ageing like wrinkles, age spots etc.

For Blood Levels: Cumin helps to lower blood sugar levels  and thus helps in maintaining proper blood content levels in the body. This is a great boon for people suffering from Diabetes.

For Iron: Cumin seeds are very rich in iron, which makes it an essential natural health ingredient. This iron content helps to treat anaemia, and maintains haemoglobin level.




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