Treatment Methodology in Ayurveda

Who is the best healer?

Indeed, the body is the best healer. No medicine or treatment can retouch the body. In the occasion that given time and space, our body knows how to repair and cure itself. Solutions and strategies simply help with making the right condition for the body to repair itself

What causes sicknesses according to Ayurveda?


Illnesses are brought on because of the poison develop in the body because of awful way of life and unwholesome sustenance propensities. The effect of poisons wind up noticeably more grounded over a timeframe and shows as an illness. On the off chance that there is a hereditary inclination then the effect of the poison develop turns out to be considerably more serious.

What is the treatment procedure in Ayurveda?

Amid Ayurvedic treatment, the essential concentration is to kill the poisons through the different holes of the body. The disposal procedure is given a considerable measure of significance in Kerala Ayurveda. Once that is done, by and large a change in manifestations is felt. In the second stage solutions are recommended to help in working up the invulnerability force of the body. At long last Ayurveda demands a wholesome way of life which will keep a repeat of the illness.

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