Knowing how to behave at the gym will help you remain fit and reach your goals

Knowing how to behave at the gym will help you fit in and reach your goals
  1. New Delhi May 18, 2017 : The gym has its own set of behavior rules, and being unaware of them will earn you a few dirty looks. Worse, being unfamiliar with the basics will make you feel out of place, and that could derail your fitness plans.

Sohan Chauhan“, fitness instructor at Fluid Gym suggested to follow the following Gym etiquette which are very essential for fitness.

  • Carry a Personal Towel : When you’re finished using gym equipment, wipe away the evidence of your efforts.
  • Carry Sanitizer with you : Keep Sanitizer with you while doing exercise in the gym which will help you to maintain hygiene. Before using any machine or weights clean your hands with sanitizer.

“Fitness Instructor Sohan Chauhan” said AC temperature in the Gym premises should be maintained between 24 degree c to 26 degree c during summers.

So here are some important gym etiquette tips straight from fitness professionals:

  • Meet with a Trainer: Take advantage of free sessions with a trainer that are included in your membership. This will help you feel more comfortable when you’re working out on your own.”
  • Ask Questions and Make Friends : There’s no shame in being new, so don’t be shy about asking questions. you’ll avoid injury and embarrassment. Most people actually like being asked.
  • Stay Focused : Most regulars are more than happy to answer questions if you don’t impose too much or too often. So be polite and friendly, but keep long chitchat sessions out of the gym.
  • Take Classes
  •  Dress Appropriately : The gym is not a fashion show. So keep it simple. Inappropriate or loose clothes could get caught on machines and create a health hazard. Avoid excessive makeup, cologne, or aftershave. Makeup plus sweat equals acne, and cologne plus sweat equals air pollution. Also, hair should be secured.
  • Leave It the Way You Found It :  Not only for courtesy’s sake but also for safety  put equipment where it belongs when you’re finished.
  •  Give Other Gym-Goers Their Space : It can be difficult to make room for everyone who wants to be at the gym during peak hours, but do make an effort.

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  1. Sohan sir fluid gym is a senior trainer, if, you will be able to join the training course, then you will be able to help in your goal and you will be motivate by the same time.

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