Benefits of Walking

“Walking is a good exercise for our body. It is therefore recommended that we should walk atleast  15-30 minutes a day.”

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New Delhi, August 26, 2019:

But what exactly are the benefits of Walking?

Why should we include walking in our daily routine ? Reasons Being :

  1. Better Brain Better Mind : A study shows that walking is very beneficial for our brain. It says that walking increases the level of endrophines & decreases the level of stress in our body. It has a good effect on our overall brain health & can reduce the risk of developing Alzhemer’s and Dementia.
  2. Improved Vision : Walking improves vision, as it releases some eye pressure reducing Glaucoma.
  3. Stronger Heart : A study says that Walking is as good as running. It is useful in avoiding strokes & other heart related health issues. It improves blood circulation. Reduces cholesterol & stabilizes Blood Pressure.
  4. Larger Lungs : Walking helps our lungs to have more oxygen flowing throughout our body. It helps in eliminating body toxins & prevents us from getting any lung related diseases.
  5. Healthier Pancreas : Habit to walk regularly maintains aa healthy glucose level, it also prevents diabetes.
  6. Good Digestion: When we walk our colon also moves as well. This movement helps normalize our colon & thus balance our belly to prevent cancers & other digestion problems like flatulence & constipation.
  7. Leaner Muscles : Our muscles become leaner & prominenet when we lose our body fat. Walking for 10,000 steps a day can achieve this.
  8. Firm Joints & Bones: Walking for 30 minutes a day lessens the pain of stiffed joints & bones. It also leads to stronger joints avoiding injuries & bone loss.
  9. Lessens Back Pain : Higher impact exercises can damage our back but lower impact exercise such as walking can do the opposite; relieves our back pain.
  10. Balanced Mind : Walking lightens up our mood. Anxiety, Stress &  depression level can be reduces by regular walking.

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