Senior neurosurgeon dedicates 82nd half marathon to his 82 year old father

Dr Rajesh Acharya is a senior neurosurgeon and professor at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital of Delhi. He is a fitness enthusiast and a avid runner. He started running half marathons at the age of 53 years, and recently competed 80th half marathon on National Sports Day (29th August ).

With the weather condition turning pleasant and pollution level decreasing, it’s very tempting for all runners to pursue their passion. On sunday 12th September Dr Rajesh ran 21 km half marathon race at Shanti Path and has dedicated this 82nd half marathon to his 82 year old father Dr Professor SS Acharya.

Dr Rajesh Acharya said that his father had been a constant source of motivation for him since childhood. He has seen him toiling hard for 18 to 20 hours each day; writing books, scientific research papers or supervising the thesis work of students ( UG and PG) of agriculture economics or preparing price policy or budget report for the Government of India.

Dr Prof. SS Acharya

At the age of 82 years, Dr SS Acharya regularly goes for morning walk and does yoga – Pranayama which he has been practising religiously for the past 65 years. He has been of the opinion that everyone should create his own HEALTH BANK and must deposit / invest something on daily basis in it; so that after few years the health benefits like that of investment in a SIP is manifold. Dr Rajesh says during the Covid era because of the travel restrictions and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital being converted into a primary COVID hospital he could visit his parents in Udaipur only once between the first and the second wave of Covid. Prof Acharya at the age of 82 drives his own car and manages the household affairs on his own. He has been God-fearing, law-abiding citizen and has paid the income tax honestly for the last more than 60 years. He has meticulously preserved all the text books and reputed national and international journals of agriculture economics since 1959 and has created a huge library at his own residence in Udaipur. He has also donated large number of books and journals to the agriculture College at Udaipur.


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