Senior Neurosurgeon Successfully Completed 125th Half Marathon

Dr Rajesh Acharya completed his 125th Half Marathon in Delhi on 15th August, 2022.



New Delhi, August 15, 2022:

Dr. Rajesh Acharya, ran 21 km half marathon race at Nehru Park on 15th August, 2022 and has dedicated this 125th half marathon to all freedom fighters and specially his paternal Grandfather Late Ram Chandra Acharya.

Dr. Rajesh Acharya is a Senior Neurosurgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Delhi.Dr Rajesh Acharya completed his 100th half marathon in Delhi on 23rd January, 2022.

Today, on the special 75th Anniversary of country’s Independence Day, he dedicated this to all the freedom fighters (known and unknown) of our motherland, specially his paternal Grandfather Late Ram Chandra Acharya, resident of Gangapur, District Bhilwara (Rajasthan).

Late Ram Chandra Acharya his paternal Grandfataher had a very tumultuous childhood as he lost his mother at a very young age of about 2 years. He was brought up by his maternal uncle. After studying upto Matric, he was employed as a primary school teacher. He was a very active RSS activist. During freedom struggle, he was terminated from the service, sustained lathi blows and was imprisoned several times. After the independence, the Government recognised him as a freedom fighter, for which pension was provided till he lived.

For his exemplary services and sacrifice, he was also awarded a piece of land, near Gangapur, which he donated for common cause. The whole Acharya family and people of Gangapur were proud that on his demise in 2005, his body was cremated after being wrapped in the National Flag (Tricolor) and was given state honours with 21 gun salute.

It’s a golden Co- incidence for Dr Rajesh Acharya who stated that his Grandfather: Ram Chandra Acharya, his mother: Chandra Acharya, his paternal village: Gangapur, his workplace: Sir Ganga Ram Hospital feels Proud, lucky and honoured to be born and associated with Acharya family & Sir Ganga Ram Hospital In India.

He said, “May God continue to bless my family, colleagues, my SGRH and my country forever. Jai Hind”


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