‘The lifestyle affects the longevity and health in old age’

  • Health is Wealth
New Delhi, September 25, 2018 :
Healthy Ageing depends upon individual’s life style. Life Style consist of so many things. We retired at an age of 60 but it does not mean that every retired person becomes old at 60.
  • Accept old age Gracefully
  • Adapting the advocated principles of Indian concept of life style may preserve physical as well mental health in old age.
  • Never regret growing old. It is a privilege denied to many.

Health is not a pill which you can buy from Pharmacy. We have to make sincere effort to achieve it. Life style is the perception of a particular person or entire society towards life and it is the way people live, think and behave. The lifestyle affects the longevity and health in old age. Lifestyles also have role in developing cognitive disorders.

Many life style choices can have a profound impact on our wellness. Take control of your health by creating habits and making choices that will improve your physical and emotional well-being. Before we hit the ideal life style that suits to our conditions it will be more appropriate if we discuss it’s basic factors.

The following are the  factors of lifestyle which effects ones health

BE ACTIVE : Daily physical activity can greatly improve, quality of life and life- span. Make an effort to increase your day-to-day activities like opting for stairs , parking farther away or not opting conveyance for little distance.
DON’T SMOKE AND DRINK IN MODERATION : Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death. If you smoke, kicking the habit may be single most positive thing you can do for your health. Keeping alcohol consumption with in strict moderation can also improve overall health.
MANAGE STRESS : Stress can have a negative effect on emotional well-being. Stress is not completely avoidable, but learning how to effectively deal with it can prevent it from negatively effect your health. Hence effective stress management is another key to healthy ageing.
GET ADEQUATE SLEEP : Carving out time for quite shut-eye is a key component of healthy lifestyle. The optimum amount of sleep may be determined after paying attention to how you feel after different amount of sleep.
Eating Habits : Eat Right, Healthy diet choices as per our conditions can help you to reduce risk factor. Include fibre rich whole grain, eat plenty of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables. Top off your diet with locally grown healthy fats of unsaturated sources.
Eating is one of the most  basic of human needs.  A healthy diet with active lifestyle is the best recipe for healthy ageing.  Ageing brings changes in our immune system and through nutrition, we can maintain it healthy. Many diseases suffered in old age are a result of dietary factors. It should  always be  kept in mind that nutritional requirements change as a body ages with decrease in calorific needs and increase in nutritional needs.
But at the same time seniors can have challenges also : a loss of appetite, unhealthy weight loss, problems of chewing and swallowing and need of reducing the fat, sugar or salt in chronic conditions and over all depression.
If *Eating* what, when and how is done as per need of nature, geographic and ecological condition of the area in which one reside and as per experience of our forefathers, the chances of becoming healthy in old age increases many fold. The role of Kitchen in our country is unique, remarkable and time tested in making the persons healthy. Indian Kitchen may be treated as Health Laboratory. That is why in case of any ailment first we look towards Kitchen as it has all type medicines.
There is a say : “Morning Breakfast like King, Lunch like Queen & Dinner like beggers “
Stay Healthy.

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