301 vaccination centres set-up in 76 schools across Delhi

  • 301 vaccination centres set-up in 76 schools across Delhi, vaccinating 45,100 Delhi citizens: Deputy CM Manish Sisodia
  • Youth looking forward to get vaccinated at centres. Will help us in decreasing COVID-19 spike and defeat this deadly virus: Deputy CM Manish Sisodia




New Delhi: May 03, 2021 :

Kicking off the COVID-19 vaccination drive in Delhi, Deputy Chief Minister Shri Manish Sisodia visited Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, West Vinod Nagar, where 5 sites have been set up for citizens to get COVID-19 vaccines starting today for individuals aged 18-45 years. Deputy Chief Minister Shri Manish Sisodia said, “Delhi Government has received 4.5 lakh vaccination doses until now, on the basis of which 301 vaccination centres have been made in 76 schools across Delhi, vaccinating 45,100 citizens.

The West Vinod Nagar Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya School in itself has 5 centres that are working parallelly in the school. We want to ensure that all citizens between the ages of 18-45 are vaccinated, and are committed to scale vaccination centres in Delhi in a way that each school has 10 vaccination centres.”

The Deputy Chief Minister said, “250 people have been called per centre for today’s vaccination drive, with 100% turnout. I am confident this turnout will prevail because I believe our youth is looking forward to get the COVID-19 vaccine. I met several people who informed me that while they faced no hindrances in getting vaccinated at the centres, there were challenges with regard to booking appointments. This is so because we only have 4.5 lakh vaccines at the moment with limited centres, but we will resolve these challenges as we continue to expand our centres. It is most certain that vaccination of all people will help us reduce this spike and defeat this deadly virus.”

Sisodia added, “We are in constant touch with companies and will continue to receive more doses. We have asked for help from various stakeholders in terms of oxygen supply, whether it is asking the Army to provide trucks or DRDO’s facility with 500 beds. But we need intensive and immediate help to ensure proper oxygen supply in Delhi, and we are in touch with private entities, social sector, Central Government for the same.”

Sisodia said, “As of yesterday, we received 440 MT of oxygen, which is lesser than the allocated quota of 590 MT and much lesser than Delhi’s requirement of 976 MT to cater to the demand of each and every citizen. It is imperative that we receive adequate oxygen and increase our capacity of beds.”

Delhi Cabinet Minister Shri Gopal Rai visits a vaccination centre  at Shahdara.

Gopal Rai said “ Today within Delhi 77 vaccination centres are operating and have been made operational in the different assemblies in Delhi. Today in our Babar Pur Vidhan Sabha, in the Government Boys Senior Secondary School a new centre has been opened up. 3 sites have been created for one centre so that it does not get crowded and also that the social distancing protocols are maintained properly .”

He further added, “ The aim of the Government in the near future is that in the 272 wards of Delhi, the vaccination process is initiated in all the centres so that the vaccination drive for those above 18 years can be completed and lives can be saved from the Coronavirus.”

On the question of the arrival of the second consignment of vaccines, Shri Gopal Rai said “ We are regularly communicating and as and when we receive the consignment, we will keep increasing the number of centres”


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