Per Capita Expenditure on Healthcare

Per Capita Expenditure Onhealthcare
As per National Health Accounts Estimates for India 2014-15, the total health expenditure per capita is estimated to be Rs. 3826.

As per National Health Accounts Estimates for India 2014-15, the current health expenditure attributed to Government Hospitals and Private Hospitals is estimated to be Rs. 64,685 crores (14.3%) and Rs. 1,16,943 crores (25.9%) respectively.

New Delhi, February 6, 2018: The per capita expenditure on healthcare by Government (Centre and States) for 2017-18(BE) at current prices is estimated to be Rs. 1797.“Public Health & Hospitals” being a State subject, the primary responsibility for providing affordable health services lies with respective State/UT Governments. Technical and financial support under the National Health Mission (NHM) is being provided toStates/UTs for strengthening their health system for provision of universally accessible, affordable and quality healthcare. Support is also provided under RastriyaSwasthyaBimaYojana, (RSBY) to provide for inpatient care uptoRs. 30,000 per annum per family to all BPL population and 11 other defined categories of unorganized workers. Government of India is also implementing Senior Citizen Health Insurance Scheme (SCHIS) for Senior Citizens of age 60 years and above, with effect from 01.04.2016, as a top up scheme of RashtriyaSwasthyaBimaYojana (RSBY).


Under the RashtriyaArogyaNidhi (RAN), financial support is provided to patients living below poverty line and to those suffering from major life threatening diseases, to receive medical treatment at any of the super specialty Government Hospitals/Institutes.

The Minister of State (Health and Family Welfare), SmtAnupriya Patel stated this in a written reply in the RajyaSabha here today.

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