Revenue Minister saw attendance register  in J.P.  hospital, Bhopal.

A patient Anil Tiwari complained that, no information about the attendance of doctors is displayed at the hospital.

Mr. Gupta listened to the problems of patients in Government Katju and J.P.Hospital.

Bhopal : May 9, 2017 : REVENUE, Science and Technology Minister Umashankar Gupta made surprise visit at Government JP Hospital and Katju Hospital on Monday morning at 9.20 am and heard patients’ grievances.A patient Anil Tiwari complained that information about the presence of doctors in the hospital is not displayed anywhere. Shri Gupta immediately instructed the Superintendent of Hospital to set up a Duty Board of doctors. He also instructed patients not to write out medicines.


Revenue Minister, Shri Gupta at 10 a.m. reached the J.P Hospital, Bhopal and one  patient told that the drug peddler abused him. Mr Gupta summoned the employee and instructed him to apologize and not to repeat such behavior. Employee immediately apologized to the patient On providing information about the reduced attendance of the Doctors by the patients, Shri Gupta saw the presence of doctors in the register. Shri Gupta instructed the Civil Surgeon to give a clear report regarding the absent doctors. He instructed the hospital authorities to improve the  biometric machine  within a week. Shri Gupta said that all the doctors should sit in their room for the scheduled time and treat the patients. He said that on next Monday, May,15 he will again hear the patients’ problems in the hospital.

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