“Clean Green lifestyle makes a Healthy Heart”- Dr Rakesh Yadav, Prof. of Cardiology AIIMS.

CSI-NIC Mid- Term Meet 2017 at Hotel -The  Ashok, New Delhi

New Delhi, April 20, 2017: In a meeting with staff journalist of healthysoch.com, Professor  of Cardiology AIIMS, New Delhi & Organising Secratary NIC 2017 said –  “Clean Green lifestyle makes a healthy heart”.

Q.1  What is Angioplasty?

A.1   Basically Angioplasty is  when  there is blockage in heart and the blockage is so must   that causing a  problem to heart muscles , what we do, we pass a wire through this blockage.  We do a  balloon dilation so that blockage is compressed against the wall and we put a stunt.  Stunt is a mesh of material where in initial stage was stainless steel, now it is cobal chromium or platinum chromium. What happens  stunt is script on balloon, when we pass this stunt over diseased part and   dilate the stunt it will hold like a fold and artery becomes open, this process is angioplasty.

Q.2  When there is a need of angioplasty or Why it is done?

A.2  When blockage in your artery is more than 70% or there is acute sudden blockage of artery which leads to heart attacks angioplasty is done in both cases, so that blockage is relieved and blood supply to your heart is restored.


Q.3  What are the complications that may be associated with Angioplasty?

A.3  There are certain complications if you don’t follow standard guidelines and if a person don’t follow angioplasty sometimes can be fatal. But if in experienced hand, if it is performed in an ideal setup, means you follow lot of guidelines. The angioplasty complication rate at present is less than 0 .5% with the correct heart layer.

Q.4  Please suggest some tips for a healthy lifestyle?

A.  There is always  an healthy life. Green Clean Heart , it denotes a healthy life style which makes your heart clean green or clean green lifestyle makes a healthy heart, and  those are :

  1. Foremost important is regular exercise and control your weight.
  2. Eat good things. People say stop fat but I always say if you want to eat fat eat good fat. Avoid junk food. Avoid food which is harming your body.
  3. Quit all smoking whether tobacco or cigarette, it is injurious to health.
  4. Eat less salt. If you are hypertensive or diabetic, control hypertension  and  diabetes.
  5. Be happy,  you will live longer. Sleep well. These are five important points to be healthy in your life.

Q.5         Please tell us about the seminar on Intervention Cardiology (14th -16th April, 2017)

A.5         This seminar is National Intervention   Council Mid Term Meet. This is the council comprising of 3000 Intervention Cardiologists and it is sub branch of cardiology society of India. Intervention Cardiology means who perform  intervention in human heart are here about 1500 intervention cardiologists and 70 from abroad are here to discuss about new technology, new indications, new things about angioplasty, stunting, a lot of valveular and other procedures, live cases are going on, c cd presentations are going on. Intermingle of Senior Cardiologist and Junior Cardiologist give a very good opportunity to Junior cardiologist to learn, know their mistakes so that they should avoid mistakes in future.


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