Jaypee Hospital performed high risk surgical operation of 4 month old Pakistani baby Rohaan

Jaypee Hospital performed high risk surgical operation of 4 month old Pakistani baby Rohaan

New Delhi,June 16,2017 : Baby Rohaan was operated in Jaypee Hospital, Noida on 14th June 2017, for his complex cyanotic Congenital heart disease .The child had a condition called Transposition of the great arteries with VSD. In this condition the main arteries of the heart have a reverse origin from the two chambers of the heart. In addition the child also had a hole in the heart (VSD).The patient underwent a high risk surgical operation called Arterial Switch operation with VSD closure.The surgery took about 4 hours and then the patient was shifted to the ICU with moderate hemodynamic support on ventilator.

Renowned Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon of Jaypee Hospital, Noida, Dr. Rajesh Sharma said that currently the child, is getting better with stable hemodynamics (HR 140/min) at BP 72/44 with echocardiography revealing improving myocardial contractility. The baby is still on the ventilator  and  based on the current situation of the patient the duration of critical observation would be around next 10-12 days. The parents are being counseled twice daily as per norms of the Jaypee Hospital regarding the child’s clinical status.




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