Metro rail creates a green corridor for transporting cadaver heart of brain-dead patient from Nagole to Jubilee Hills!

Apollo Hospitals Sr. Transplant surgeon Dr. AGK Gokhale, will transplant the cadaver heart in a 44-year-old male heart failure patient



New Delhi/ Hyderabad, February 02, 2021:

A 45-year-old male farmer from Aregudem, Mothkur, Nalgonda District; with blood group ‘O’ positive, suffered brain stem death due to acute hemorrhagic bleed and was declared brain dead at Kamineni Hospital, LB Nagar. His heart was harvested at Kamineni hospital and is being transplanted in a heart patient at Apollo hospitals Jubilee Hills. The cadaver heart was transported through a green corridor created by Metro rail and was brought from Nagole Metro Station to Jubilee Hills Metro station by a special train assigned for it in 40 minutes.

The recipient of the cadaver heart is a 44-year-old male cardiac patient suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy. He came to Apollo Hospitals in a critical condition about a month and half ago. He had severe heart failure going into kidney failure and low blood pressure. He was kept alive with continuous infusion of medicine, while scouting for cadaver heart. Dr. AGK Gokhale, Sr Consultant, Cardiothoracic, Transplant and Minimal Access Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills; and his team are performing the heart transplant on the patient, which is likely to take anywhere between six to eight hours.

Dr AGK Gokhale thanked both Hyderabad Metro Rail and Hyderabad Police for the excellent support they extended by organizing a green metro corridor and enabling the seamless transportation of the cadaver heart in the quickest possible time.


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