Precautions for people with Heart Disease during cold weather

New Delhi, December 29, 2018 ;

If you have heart disease, staying healthy during cold weather presents special challenges. anyone with heart disease, the onset of cold temperatures requires special precautions. Fortunately, these precautions generally fall into the category of common sense.

According to Dr T S Kler, Chairman PSRI Hospital, “Heart patients should avoid exposure to winter because it can precipitate angina, even sudden exposure to cold can lead to heart attack . Better is they should go on walk etc in daytime when either there is sun or atleast temperatures are not that low . Whenever they go out of house they should be well clothed .
Another important thing to remember is that usually BP tends to rise in winter, so needs more frequent monitoring & in many patients there is need to increase the dose of anti hypertensive medication  & reverse happens in summers.”

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