Answers to skin problems by Dr.Bhawna Jhamb(Part 3)

Q.7 Do I need dermatological treatment for acne?
A.7 Treatment of acne is necessary even if it is mild, to prevent scarring which is a sequelar of acne when
acne subsides. And this scarring can be more distressing than acne itself.

Q.8 What are the body areas affected by acne?
A.8 Basically all the sebum producing areas of the body having sebaceous glands is face, shoulders, chest,
arms and back can be affected by acne.

Q.9 Is stress related to acne?
A.9 There are studies to show that stress aggravates acne. Acne itself is stressful situation and the distress
associated with it further worsens it.


Q.10 Do any drugs or creams cause acne?
A.10 Oral drugs like corticosteroids, anti-coagulants, anti tuberculosis drugs, drugs containing salts like
bromides/iodide/lithium etc can cause acne. Topical steroid creams are a very common cause of acne form
eruption and now-a days they are increasingly being misused leading to multiple side effects.


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