ASSOCHAM organizes session on Effects of Covid 19 on Diabetic patients with Dr. V Mohan

Healthy lifestyle and timely vaccination are only safeguard from Covid-19: Dr. V Mohan



Chandigarh, June 05, 2021 :

To create awareness among the people about Covid-19, ASSOCHAM today organized a Session 1 on ‘Effects of Covid 19 on Diabetic patients’ with renowned Diabetologist Dr. V Mohan.

As entire country is fighting with the second wave of covid-19, ASSOCHAM – being a responsible apex body of the country has come-up with ‘COVID 19 Awareness Web Series’ to create awareness among the people about this deadly virus and it was the first session of the series.

The session started with the welcome address by Jitender Sodhi, Chairman, ASSOCHAM Himachal Pradesh State Development Council and Chairman & Managing Director, Ayush Group of Companies India.

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Dr. V Mohan, Chairman, Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialties Centre and President, Madras Diabetes Research Centre, Chennai during the event said that diabetics are more prone to Covid-19 and they should take special care of themselves during this tough time.

“Diabetics should always be cautious about any kind of viruses like covid-19. The risk of losing life is three times higher for uncontrolled Diabetic persons then a non-diabetic person. Controlling diabetes and getting vaccinated is the only safeguard for such patients,” Dr. Mohan said.

Putting stress on the importance of vaccination, he said, “Vaccination is the only way to protect ourselves from Covid-19. Everyone should get vaccinated it is safe for all. We should ignore the rumors being spread on social media about vaccination.”

The session was well attended and appreciated by the members as well as the attendees from different parts of the country.

During the welcome address Mr Sodhi said, “Individual with diabetes should be more cautious to avoid the corona virus. One should increase their immunity by eating healthy, doing yoga, exercise regularly, consume immunity enhancing herbs and fruits.”

A Q&A session was also organized during the session, in which lot queries from of attendees were answered by Dr. V Mohan.

The session concluded with the closing remarks of Mr. Rakesh Nagpal, Co-Chairman, ASSOCHAM Himachal Pradesh State Development Council and CEO & Founder, Alfa Chemicals.

“It was an informative session for many diabetic patients who had many doubts in mind about Covid-19 and vaccinations, I thank Dr. V Mohan for addressing this session and clearing doubts of people,” he said.

More sessions will be conducted fortnightly on Effects of Covid 19 on Cardiac patients, effects of Covid 19 on Nephrology patients, effects of Covid 19 on Pulmonology patients, effects of Covid 19 on Neurology patients and many more.



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