Study says- Poorly controlled diabetes puts children at high risk of Covid complications

A new study has found that uncontrolled Type-1 diabetes in children can be treat by Naturopathy
New Delhi, March 25, 2021 :

A new study presented virtually at ENDO 2021 found that children with poorly controlled Type 1 diabetes are 10 times more likely to suffer from Covid-19 complications and death compared to those with well-controlled diabetes. The study showed that children with haemoglobin (A1) higher than nine per cent were 10 times higher at risk of Covid-19 complications than those with A1c levels under seven percent.

Children who have Type-1 diabetes are at a higher risk of coronavirus, and poorly controlled diabetes can add to the problem. A new study found that poor diabetes can up the risk of Covid complications in kids.

As the Dr NK Sharma Director, Reiki Healing Foundation said, that “it is extremely important to keep children’s blood sugar under control, especially during the pandemic. For the study, the team reviewed data on about 2,000 children with Type-1 diabetes and Covid-19, along with 30,000 children with Covid-19 who did not have Type-1 diabetes. Diabetes patients need to follow a proper diet plan that is rich in nutrition and low in fat and calories. You should include more vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and whole grain in your child’s diet to make sure their body is getting the sufficient nutrients it requires”.

Dr Savita Sharma at Reiki Healing Foundation said, “it is essential to record your child’s blood sugar at least four times a day, but you may need to check it more times if your child doesn’t have a continuous glucose monitor. Frequent testing will help your child’s blood sugar remain within a target range. Parents should encourage their child to get at 30 minutes of physical activity every day. It will help keep your child’s blood sugar within the normal range. The best way to encourage your child to indulge in some exercise is that you do it with them”.


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