Benefits of Earthen Pot ( MATKA ) Water

benefits of Matka water

New Delhi, April 24,2017 : Water stored in a Earthen Pot ( MATKA ) is the best way to achieve good health. Very essential minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium are hidden in these pots.

  1. Improves Virility & Metabolism : Drinking water from Earthen pot increases metabolism and testosterone levels.
  2. Good for throat : Earthen pot water is very gentle on throat. It is best for the people who are suffering from cold and throat infection (cough).
  3. Cures Acidity and Gastric problems : Earthen pot water provides the best and proper pH balance. It is best to cure acidity and gastronomic pains.
  4. No harmful chemicals: Storing water in clay pots, not only enriches the water but also ensures that it is not contaminated
  5. Prevents sunstrokes: Drinking water from earthen pots is known to prevent episodes of sunstrokes during summers when they are very common.

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