Choosing Wisely: Choose ultrasound as the preferred initial test for suspected appendicitis



New Delhi, November 10, 2019 ;

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Section on Surgery’s Subcommittee on Education and Delivery of Surgical Care has selected the top five topics for the Choosing Wisely list for pediatric surgery.

The five procedures are:

1.     Avoid the routine use of whole-body computed tomography (CT) scanning in pediatric trauma patients.

2.     Avoid using CT scans as the first method of evaluating suspected appendicitis; ultrasound should be the preferred initial test performed.

3.     Avoid performing anti-reflux operations during gastrostomy insertion in most children who are otherwise growing and thriving with gastric feedings.

4.     Avoid referring most children with umbilical hernias to a pediatric surgeon until around age 4-5 years.

5.     Reduce post-operative use of opioids by administering acetaminophen and/or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications

(Source: American Academy of Pediatrics, Nov. 6, 2019)

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