Ways to protect yourself from Delhi Pollution

Delhi Pollution: Ways to save yourself

New Delhi, November 8, 2017;

– Medical remedies

Keep at least one inhaler  advised by doctor at home because the smog can cause sudden asthmatic attack or difficulty in breathing even in people who have problem respiratory disorders. Talk to your doctor for advice if there is increase in symptoms.

– Avoid walks

While daily walks are recommended to stay fit, the open air has now become hazardous to health. IMA has declared the Delhi’s smog as a public health hazard. The concentration of pollutants in the air is most concentrated during early morning and late evening time. It is because there is no sun to disperse the humidity. Until the smog clears and the weather becomes more hospitable, avoid early morning and late evening walks. Walking exerts more energy which makes breathing faster and leads to more inhalation of toxic particles in the air. This would have adverse effects on the health of people, more so for the elderly and children. Avoid functions in open or in lawns during this period.

–  Stay covered

Wear a mask whenever you go out. Keep your eyes, nose, mouth and ears covered. While it is not a foolproof method to avoid inhaling pollutants, it certainly limits the amount and helps in some prevention.

– What to eat


Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C should be consumed to combat the ill effects of Delhi’s smog. It is an anti-oxidant which helps the body in combating the free radicals which get produced in the body due to presence of harmful air-borne toxins in the smog.

– Avoid junk food

Do not consume junk food as it places additional stress on your body when it is already dealing with the hazardous smog in the air. Consumes fruits and vegetables rich in anti-oxidants which will help your immune system fight with the pollutants.

– Home remedies to deal with respiratory issues (if any )

This smog may cause throat irritation and even facilitate the spread of viral infections. Try to take steam with a few drops of eucalyptus oil every day in the evening  to relax your air-passages and help y our body remove the harmful particulate substances.

Consume immune system boosting herbs like neem, tulsi, haldi, etc. to give your body the extra edge it needs to combat the harmful smog.

–  Smog has potential to affect Cardiovascular system adversely.  There have been many researches which proof the link of air pollution and heart diseases. In 2004, the American Heart Association issued a scientific statement concluding that exposure to air pollution contributes to cardiovascular illness and mortality. A 2010 update elaborated on those risks. hence, it is advised that the heart patients or people at risk of heart diseases should take extra precautions to avoid further complications.

Inputs by:-  

  1. Dr. Rajesh Chawla, Sr. Consultant (Critical care, Pulmonary and Sleep disorders)
  2. Dr. Mukesh Goel, Sr. Consultant, Cardiology at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi.

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