Exceptional cases of Kidney Donations & Transplants amongst advanced age patients

New Delhi, March 30, 2017: Doctors at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute (FEHI) today showcased some exceptional cases of kidney transplant surgeries where patients of advanced ages have been both donors as well as recipients. This remarkable initiative has been made possible by the skills demonstrated by Dr Rajesh Ahlawat and Dr. Vijay Kher of Fortis Escorts Kidney and Urology Institute (FEKUI), FEHI and their team.

Conducted among three senior citizens, these surgeries demonstrate that contrary to common belief, elderly patients in good health can participate safely in transplants under skilled surgical expertise and medical supervision. One case discussed today was that of a 65 year-old female donor and the recipient was a 73 year-old male. The third patient was 78 year-old male recipient. This is also a unique and sterling example to further the cause of organ donation in the country.

Dr. Rajesh Ahlawat, Chairman, Urology & Renal Transplantation, FEKUI, FEHI said, “Common perception is that kidney transplant is not recommended for elderly patients due to poor patient and graft survival and better life expectancy with dialysis. However, with advanced transplantation technology, medical expertise, accurate selection and preparation of the patients, the FEHI team has successfully overcome these challenges. Our team of outstanding uurologists and nephrologists ensures to deliver the highest level of patient care that can be provided, making sure that transplant procedures are executed immaculately. We also house state-of-the-art equipment and facilities which help us perform our surgeries efficiently and administer quality patient care.”

Dr Vijay Kher, Chairman, Nephrology & Renal Transplant Medicine, FEKUI, FEHI shared, “We have a patient-centric approach that ensures that any concern on the part of the patient is addressed through collaborative understanding of the procedure. All our efforts aim to establish evidence-based healthcare that stems from good quality research geared towards best possible outcomes. Adherence to norms and benchmarks are rigidly followed while ensuring the comfort of the patient. As a team, we have successfully developed clinical courses to create skilled and trained manpower in areas of kidney & urological care.”

Dr Somesh K Mittal, Zonal Director, FEHI said, “Dr Kher and Dr Ahlawat bring with them 30 years of teamwork and a unique set of skills and experience to achieve excellent patient outcomes. They have an experience of more than 5000 kidney transplants including the highest number of ABO incompatible and pre-emptive transplants. They are also credited with pioneering the world’s first icy technique of Robotic Kidney transplant, in collaboration with Henry Ford Hospital, USA. No stone is left unturned by the unit to understand the medical conundrums, challenges as in the cases of transplants among patients of advanced age and work towards procuring the correct solutions.”


As per the patients, “The medical team at FEHI makes every effort to explain the procedures, however complex in nature, in a simplified manner so that we and our families can make considered decisions. Both during and in the post-operative period, the comfort and assurance we get from the team as well as the hospital staff ensure that our stay in the hospital is comfortable. We also feel a sense of pride that we have been able to contribute to spreading greater awareness for the cause of organ donation and transplant in the country.“

On an average 7-8% population suffers from kidney diseases. Mortality amongst kidney disease patients can be higher than those seen in some cancers. This disease is common in both men as well as women. However, statistics reveal that more number of women are live donors compared to their male counterparts.

Chronic Kidney Disease is a condition in which the kidneys are suffering from the onslaught of various diseases. When the kidneys get damaged, they lose their ability to excrete waste matter from the blood and more than 50% of the organ is destroyed before symptoms occur. Key risk factors for kidney disease include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and a family history of kidney failure. When kidney failure occurs, there are two types of treatments which are recommended – Dialysis or transplant. In kidney transplants, a healthy kidney from a live or deceased donor replaces the degenerated kidney which is no longer able to function.

Fortis Escorts Kidney and Urological Institute places strong emphasis on the value of providing evidence-based healthcare based on good quality research, ensuring uniformity in care delivery by using international guideline-based protocols modified for Indian settings, application of latest technology and tools to measure quality and develop transparent benchmarks. The patient is at the centre of our research efforts, and we aim to generate impact by undertaking collaborative research to solve most pressing clinical problems. The newly built ultra-modern Nephrology and Urology OPD and day care facility at Fortis Escorts Kidney and Urology Institute provides a one-stop care for all Nephrology and Urology problems. The state-of-the-art facilities enhance our patient care through both technology and design, emphasizing comfort with unique touches like comfortable waiting areas area for patients, Consultation suites, Dialysis centre, Operating Room, Urodynamic lab, Uroflowmetry, Lithotripsy, TRUS-MRI fusion biopsy among other facilities.


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