Foetus Care for Healthy Life : Dr Ajit Singh Puri

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Dr. Ajit Singh Puri M.B.B.S., MD (Medicine) FICP, FCAI, DSc.(HC) Medical Specialist Recipient of Punjab Rattan


Chandigarh : May 15, 2019 ;

Solid beginnings result in a healthy youth and sound old age.  So, health care should begin right from the womb. Utmost care of developing foetus results in healthy baby, rosy youth and lively old age. Antenatal care is a must for a pregnant woman in respect of diet so that foetus remains healthy in her womb.

It is foremost important and vital step for to-be-mother who should remain cautious during the whole period of pregnancy so that the developing foetus remains fit.  Monitoring of blood pressure, hemoglobin, weight and urine examination are a few essential steps during the period of pregnancy. Pregnant woman must abstain strictly from smoking, tobacco chewing and alcohol consumption during the entire period of pregnancy.  Concrete steps should be taken for safe and injury-free delivery particularly head injury so as to avoid later complications like epilepsy.  Thus the role of a qualified and experienced obstetrician becomes highly important here.  A strong foundation is essential for the baby to be in good health. After a safe delivery, still a qualified child specialist should examine the baby especially for congenital lesions, more prominently and specifically for a congenital lesion of the heart so that it could be detected and treated, if the need be, at the right age.  Such a lesion may remain silent till adulthood and even advanced age.  The lesions may not be treatable / operable as the age advances and such a person may die miserably.

The baby must be encouraged for taking mother’s milk.  It is undoubtedly ideal and species-specific. Its ‘composition carries immunity that is necessary to combat diseases as the child grows.  Breast feeding has been proved to be useful to the mother as well. It reduces the risk of postpartum bleeding and delays resumption of ovarian cycle which increases spacing between pregnancies.  It also helps to improve bone re-mineralization and reduces the risk of ovarian cancer.  It should be well remembered that all vaccinations including booster dosages are administered on time.  One should consult a child specialist in this behalf.  A child must be get examined for any sore-throat from time to time.  It may appear amazing to the readers that a simple throat sore by specific bacteria may cause rheumatic heart disease or kidney lesion.

Growing children must be watched carefully for addiction to smoking, tobacco chewing/ related products as well as alcohol.  Sex education must be imparted as child is growing to youth.  Life style modifications are required to be followed by the parents for growing child if they are suffering from familial diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, uric acid including coronary artery disease and thyroid disorders.  Befitting steps should be taken right from the tender age for a hale and hearty youth. Such disorders should be checked/tested at regular intervals as these are silent human killers.  It means that these ailments have no symptoms till these reach an advanced stage causing serious kidney, cardio-vascular and brain disorders etc. These diseases may cause serious complications. High blood pressure must be checked up once in childhood, of course, later also at regular intervals. Weight care should also be taken care of as overweight causes many diseases.

Symptoms/warning signals of cancer must be known to all the people like blood in sputum/urine, pallor of eyes, loss of weight /appetite, a lump anywhere in the body, discharge from nipples, unhealing ulcers/ scars, change in wart, mole, birth marks are there to name a few.  All these may prove cancerous on further examination/tests.

Self-examination of breast is of utmost importance.  Early training for self-diagnosing breast cancer must be imprted by mothers to daughters.  Mammography is essentially required if mother has a history of breast cancer. Cancer if detected at an early stage, can be controlled.  In the end, it may be concluded that all the above steps and precautions if followed religiously will help people to lead a happy, disease-free, enthusiastic and vigorous life.              


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