HCFI appeals to Delhi Chief Minister to cap the prices of air purifiers and also to install them in public places

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New Delhi, November 08, 2019:

The overall air quality in Delhi remains poor. At some places, it is still in the “hazardous” category; AQI at PGDAV College, Sriniwaspuri was 399 on Thursday 12 noon; it was 344 at Mandir Marg. The air was unhealthy at Anand Vihar with an AQI of 260 at 12 noon yesterday.

The harmful effects of air pollution on health are well-established. People should be made aware of the health effects of air pollution and how to protect themselves.

Using air purifiers at home and anti-pollution masks when outdoors, can reduce exposure to toxic pollution levels, but cannot stop it completely.


But, the important point to note here is that air purifiers and air masks are expensive; the high costs put them beyond the reach for the large majority of population.

The concerned authorities have the responsibility to not only make them accessible, but also affordable to the general public at large.

The Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) has written to Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister Delhi to procure heavy industry air purifiers or make them using the 0.3 heavy industry air filters and place them in all public transports like buses, metros, trains, etc. and also in all public places (Copy of the letter enclosed).

HCFI has also written to the Delhi Chief Minister requesting him to issue directions to all manufacturing companies, traders, etc. of air purifiers, air masks, air filters to overcharge any person buying such products


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