Public health and social distancing measures for COVID-19 for India



Dr KK Aggarwal , President CMAAO, HCFI and Past national President IMA

New Delhi, March 25, 2020 ;

“Important phase of mental counseling”



Public health and social distancing measures May be considered for application at local or national level


Strategies to support implementation and gain trust


3. Clusters of cases Countries with cases clustered in time, location or with common exposure




Additional Measures

• Stay-at-home measures for:

• schools & tele-study,

• workplaces & tele-working, flexible leave policies, staggered shifts

• public spaces, restaurants, sport and cultural events, gyms, markets, entertainment

• places of worship

• health care settings

• Further physical distancing measures in care homes, health settings

• Cancel public and private events, limit gathering size

• Restrict local movement, stop non-essential travel, add cordon sanitaire as needed

• Cross-border travel measures

• Initiate tele-medicine strategies. Defer non-urgent health and medical care.



·         Enhance community engagement for understanding of public health and community social distancing measures


·         Emphasize personal and social responsibility and respect for human rights


·         Implement strong business continuity planning for essential services and businesses


·         Implement community resilience and mental health strategies


·         Test teleworking and tele-schooling plans. Acquire technology needed to implement.


·         Create family routines with children. Encourage social interaction with others by virtual means.


·         Plan for housing and support of students, visitors and tourists where needed


Source : World Health Organization

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