Recording Largest Breast Reduction Surgery in the World


Indian Doctors Helped 56-Year-Old Woman Live a Normal Life

Removing a total of 11 kgs from both the breasts, Dr Ajaya Kashyap and team literally helped a 56-year-old woman get the weight off her chest and relieved her chronic back and shoulder pain

Left untreated, she would have developed degenerative kyphosis, a condition in which a person’s spine curves forward, forming a hump or “hunchback.”

 New Delhi, September 10, 2019 :

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap and team, the leading cosmetic surgeon of the country, created history by recording biggest breast reduction surgery in the world to help Mrs. Komal Sinha (name changed to protect the identity), a 56-year-old housewife, live a normal and pain-free life. By removing a total of 11 kgs from both the breasts, Dr. Ajaya Kahsyap broke the previous record, (documented for around 15 pounds (6.8 Kgs) from both the breast in the United States) and helped Mrs. Sinha get rid of her chronic back and shoulder pain.

If left untreated, Mrs Sinha would have developed degenerative kyphosis, a condition in which a person’s spine curves forward, forming a hump or “hunchback.” While kyphosis itself is a painful and physically limiting condition, its progression could further lead to shortness of breath due to lung compression. Moreover, if by chance the nerves running through the spine become compressed or pinched due to bending of the spine, the nerve signals could get disrupted and cause numbness or weakness in the limbs, problems with the sense of balance and even loss of normal bladder or bowel control.  But Mrs Sinha is lucky to have avoided all this. Within two weeks of the surgery, she’s feeling much better and her symptoms have disappeared.

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, Medical Director, KAS Medical Centre and MedSpa, New Delhi said “The patient had a rare condition called Gigantomastia, which is characterized by excessive breast growth. Disproportionately large breasts lead to various physiological problems like severe back and shoulder pain, improper posture and restricted physical activity. In the long run, this may also lead to the hunchback, which causes further health issues. In such cases, breast reduction is usually the best treatment option, her preliminary assessment also backed the same. We are extremely happy that the procedure went extremely well leading to a speedy and smooth recovery.”

As per the guidelines, breast reduction surgery, with or without hormonal therapy is usually the first line of treatment for Gigantomastia1. However, Mrs. Sinha came to know about the surgical option only two years ago, that too from a friend who herself underwent the procedure.

Explaining her condition Mrs. Sinha told, “I spent my entire adult life struggling to find the right bra and clothes in which I can fit in without looking awkward. A constant back pain, deep depressions in my shoulders due to bra strap, strange posture and of course extremely low self-steam, a life with abnormally big breast is certainly hard to describe.”

She further said, “While I always had bigger breasts but things got worse after pregnancies and lactations. Soon after my babies were born, my breast grew even bigger, leading to a severe and constant back, shoulder and neck pain. From the last several years I have been taking physiotherapy sessions and painkillers but nothing ever helped. Thankfully I met Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, who offered the most logical solution to my problem and finally helped me live a normal life, without pain and embarrassment. I wonder why the option of breast reduction never occurred to any of the doctors I counselled earlier.”

Despite being a psychologically and physically disabling condition, Gigantomastia remains undiagnosed in most of the cases. This is basically because still there is no universal classification or accepted definition for this condition2. Moreover, often women themselves do not know or do not acknowledge that they have disproportionately large breast and therefore, fail to report to the doctors.

Talking about the diagnosis and treatment of Gigantomastia Dr. Ajaya Kashyap said, “Anyone suffering from breast pain, pain in the shoulders, back, or neck or is having redness, itchiness, and warmth on or underneath the breasts might be having Gigantomastia. Depending on the degree of breast enlargement and personal pain endurance, one can decide the treatment they want to take. However, it is important to know that in case of Gigantomastia, breast reduction surgery offers a very safe and effective solution and does not lead to any other complications.”




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