SRL Diagnostics initiates ‘silent movement’ to combat Pollution  

SRL Diagnostics initiates ‘silent movement’ to combat Pollution  
  • Initiated a ‘silent movement’ by illuminating all SRL labs and buildings in Delhi and NCR with green LED lights
  • 1,000 plants distributed by in Sector 29 of Gurugram and in SRL corporate office

 Gurugram, November 23, 2017: SRL Diagnostics, the leading diagnostics chain in India, distributed 1,000 air purifying plants in the bustling Sector 29 of Gurugram in an effort to create awareness and combat smog. Besides, the company, in association with few other industry players, initiated a ‘silent movement’ to “Go Green” by illuminating all SRL labs and buildings in Delhi and NCR with green LED lights. The air purifying plants were also placed at SRL Diagnostics’ corporate office.

In an effort to address the issue of air pollution and to go beyond just headlines, SRL Diagnostics undertook this anti-pollution drive by distributing air purifying plants like Aloe Vera, Snake plants, Money plant and Areca palms to show immediate decisive actions that every person can take at an individual level.


Commenting on the initiative, Mr Arindam Haldar, CEO, SRL Diagnostics said, “Using air purifying plants to cleanse the indoor air is a NASA approved method. These plants are perfect to be kept at home as they filter the benzene and formaldehyde from the air. Apart from getting indoor air purifying plants, I urge and encourage everyone to opt for transport options like car pools, buses, bicycles or just walking whenever possible. At SRL Diagnostics we always iterate, prevention is better than cure.”

It is a proven fact that air pollution can cause a number of respiratory and skin ailments and cause hormonal imbalances within the body, leading to infertility in males and even miscarriages in females. According to the Lancet data, pollution led to 2.5 million deaths in India in 2015, the highest in the world.

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