Things to keep in mind to ensure senior’s health during winter season

Author : Dr Karthiyayini Mahadevan, Head, Wellness and Wellbeing at Columbia Pacific Communities



New Delhi, December 14, 2022:

The winter season brings in cold weather. Our body has coping mechanisms to maintain an optimal level of internal warmth that helps the internal organs to work efficiently. This is done by the circulatory system, in response to the thermostat centre. The heart takes major care of the blood circulation, and not just work as a pump but also senses the circulatory needs. 

Tips to stay healthy during the winter season

1. As a part of the ageing process, one may have atherosclerosis which is thickening of the arteries and can predispose one to a compromised circulation. People with a weak heart or pre-existing heart ailment, are likely to suffer from a heart attack during winters. So, brisk walking particularly after a meal in cold weather should be avoided because it may precipitate compromised circulation and increase workload on the heart.


2. In winter, inner thermals are necessary for elders to keep them warm, because there would be loss of subcutaneous fat as part of the ageing process. This will expose them to cold weather and chills and thereby respiratory infection.

3. Community acquired pneumonia and seasonal flu are common during winter season especially in gated communities where people prefer to stay indoors in common spaces. Hence, protection against flu infection and pneumonia through appropriate vaccination is essential because elders are prone to infection with a waning immune system.


Following a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet, adequate age-appropriate exercises, proper vaccination and a positive attitude towards life will prevent the occurrence of illness with seasonal variation. Once there are predisposing risks like hyper-lipidaemia, which is familial with family history of coronary heart disease, one needs to be mindful. In addition, periodic health checks are necessary to understand the condition of the heart.


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