Johnson & Johnson MedTech India and Ganga Medical Centre & Hospitals held an insightful session to spread awareness on the rising cases of arthritis and the latest breakthroughs in personalized treatment for best patient outcomes.



Coimbatore/Chandigarh, November 23, 2022:

In India, arthritis is expected to emerge as the fourth most common cause of physical disability.1 Patients face restricted physical movement and deformities at advanced stages, suffering from pain and losing productive years of life. Johnson & Johnson MedTech India and Ganga Medical Centre & Hospitals held an insightful session today to spread awareness on the rising cases of arthritis and the latest breakthroughs in treatment for best patient outcomes.

Knee replacement surgery has emerged as one of the most viable solutions for advanced stage of arthritis. Over 2 lakh knee replacement surgeries were performed in India in 2020, which is just a fraction of the estimated 60 lakh surgically eligible patients.

The number of arthritis cases are expected to grow even further with a rise in lifestyle-related diseases. As every patient is unique so is every knee.  Surgeons are often looking for the latest technology as they aim to improve patient outcomes, and shorten the recovery time for patients. Advent of innovative robotic-assisted technology has increased accuracy and personalization in knee replacement surgery based on individual needs. The knee replacement surgery can now be performed based on each patient’s unique anatomy. This technology is designed with the goal to get patients back to life faster.


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