4 month old Pakistani infant ‘Rohaan’ blessed with a new lease of life at Jaypee Hospital

4 month old Pakistani infant ‘Rohaan’ blessed with a new lease of life at Jaypee Hospital
  • Due to the humanitarian initiative of Union Minister of External Affairs Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Rohaan received his medical visa to India for treatment

Noida, July 18, 2017: The team of doctors of Paediatric Cardiology Department of Jaypee Hospital, a Multi Super Specialty Hospital in Noida, have blessed a four month old Pakistani Baby Rohaan with a new lease of life. Rohaan, a resident of Lahore, Pakistan was suffering from a disease called ‘D-TRANSPOSITION OF GREAT ARTERIES WITH ABNORMAL ORIGIN OF MAIN ARTERIES FROM OPPOSITE CHAMBERS WITH MULTIPLE VSD AND SEVERE PULMONARY HYPERTENSION’. Rohaan’s parents were unable to get Indian medical visa for their child’s treatment due to the restrained relationship between the two countries but with the humanitarian efforts of Hon’ble Minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Rohaan got the medical visa for treatment in India. Rohaan finally came to Jaypee Hospital for treatment on 12th June, 2017 where his heart surgery was performed by Dr. Rajesh Sharma and his team on 14th June, 2017. After complete recovery baby Rohaan is now healthy to go back to his country.

Dr. Rajesh Sharma, Director, Paediatric Cardiac Surgery Department, Jaypee Hospital said, “Rohaan had a hole in his heart and the AORTA that is on the left side of heart was coming from the right side and PULMONARY ARTERIES were coming from the left which was exactly opposite to the general structure of the body. Due to the MULTIPLE VSD, oxygen-less blood was flowing in his body and his body was turning blue .The pressure in his lungs used to shoot up very quickly. From the very first month Rohaan used to have heavy breathing and his weight was not increasing. He was also having pneumonia again and again because of which his condition was more critical.”

Dr. Rajesh Sharma further added, “Rohaan‘s disease was treated with ARTERIAL SWITCH WITH VSD CLOSURE method, in this surgery the AORTA and PULMONARY ARTERIES  are removed from their place and are adjusted to their right place. The surgery took around five hours. The baby was shifted to ICU and was on a ventilator support post the surgery. He was kept under critical observation. To take the patient off the ventilator TRACHEOSTOMY was done. Along with this, a high calorie and high protein diet was given to him through N.G. feeding so that he can have a speedy recovery. Later TRACHEOSTOMY was removed and baby Rohaan was shifted to the normal ward.”


According to Dr. Sharma, “Rohaan was suffering from a critical heart disease and in such cases it is advisable to get the treatment done at the earliest in order to achieve 100% success rate and to enable the patient lead a normal life. Rohaan is 4 months old and hence there was a risk of five to ten percent in the surgery. However, the prayers from people across the borders for child’s good health have paved a way for his successful surgery.”     

Pleased at the successful surgery of baby Rohaan, Dr. Manoj Luthra, CEO Jaypee Hospital said, “We are proud of our expert team of doctors who with their excellence in the field have always become a hope for such parents not only in India but across the globe. We are also thankful to our Hon’ble Minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj in this case as without her support the baby would not have come to India for the treatment. We wish the child speedy recovery and a healthy life ahead.”

“We are very happy. The doctors at Jaypee Hospital have given us new hope to live. After Rohaan was diagnosed with the disease, we got very troubled. Unfortunately, we do not have such high-level speciality hospitals in Pakistan and thus we had to come to India for Rohaan’s treatment. We had heard of many critical diseases that were successfully operated at Jaypee Hospital, hence we approached this Hospital. I am very grateful to the doctors of Jaypee Hospital who operated Rohaan and also a special heartfelt thanks to the Indian Foreign Minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj because of whom we could procure a visa for our child’s successful treatment,” said Rohaan’s father Mr. Kanwal Sadiq. 

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