About 65,277 petitions signed during IMA’s Dilli Chalo

 Dr Vinay Agarwal, Dr  K K Aggarwal & Dr Ravi Wankhedkar at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium

  • 6th June declared as the IMA Sangharsh Day
  • A lakh people from the profession connected to the movement

New Delhi, June 07, 2017 : The Dilli Chalo movement organized by the IMA on 6th June 2017 as a silent protest against the atrocities faced by the medical fraternity, was a roaring success. The event saw over 10,000 doctors march to the Indira Gandhi Stadium. Further, about 43,767 were connected via the digital platform. The IMA has declared 6th June as the IMA Sangharsh Day and indicated that this will indeed be a memorable day in the history of the Association.

The largest rally and gathering in any non-academic event saw unprecedented participation from all quarters . There were a record 3,767 views in the IMA Website Dilli Chalo and the total webcast views on Facebook went up to 9,000. About 65,277 petitions were also signed on the IMA website and over a lakh people from the medical fraternity got connected to the movement at large.

Thanking one and all, Padma Shri Awardee Dr K K Aggarwal, National President Indian Medical Association (IMA) and President Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) and Dr RN Tandon – Honorary Secretary General IMA in a joint statement, said, “We are touched, speechless, and emotional at the same time. Though the impact has been unbelievable, heart of hearts we knew that we can do it and were sure of the strength of Team IMA. The two and a half year effort started with campaigns TEAM IMA followed with Digital IMA, Team Digital IMA, IMA Rise and Shine and Finally IMA 1 Voice. This was followed with graded protest and events (IMA solidarity day, IMA black badge day, IMA protest day etc.). Today, Dilli Chalo has proven our strength as IMA1Voice. Now is the time to strengthen the IMA1Voice movement. All attendees of Dilli Chalo movement should become the IMA brand ambassadors and speak out about IMA all across the country.”


The movement has already seen some immediate outcomes including DG Dr Jagdish Prasad’s meeting with IMA officials; Health Secretary Shri C K Mishra announcing MOH monthly meetings with IMA officials; Health Minister Shri J P Nadda announcing a high-powered meeting with all senior officials in third week of June to look into all IMA issues; and CM West Bengal and Delhi Health Minister agreeing to many IMA view-points.

Adding further, Dr Aggarwal, said, “I salute all those who participated for giving me the courage to take this massive initiative forward and for contributing majorly to its success. However, all is not over yet. The real deal starts now and our next slogan would be ‘do not force us to go on a nationwide strike’.”

IMA thanked all those who contributed to the event directly and indirectly with some people deserving a special mention. Although this clarion call of “enough is enough” has led to a successful protest to raise nationwide awareness, a lot still remains to be addressed regarding the injustice being heaped upon this noble profession. The movement will continue in different forms until swift action is taken to restore the nobility and dignity of the medical profession.


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