Another Pakistani baby, Bilal gets treated for a rare heart disease at Jaypee Hospital

·  Bilal’s right chamber of heart got enlarged than normal resulting into improper flow of blood because of which his body was turning blue.

·  One in about 2 lakh children around the world suffer from this life threatening disease.

Noida: Team of Paediatric Cardiologists of Jaypee Hospital, NOIDA has added another feather to their cap by treating a three year old Pakistani Baby, Mohammad Bilal for a rare heart disease. The team recently got recognized worldwide, for treating a four month old Pakistani baby Rohaan, who was also suffering from a rare congenital heart disease.


The same team has once again proved their expertise by blessing another baby with a new who was suffering from a major heart ailment. The credit for the success of this surgery goes to Dr. Rajesh Sharma, Director, Paediatric Cardiac Surgery, Jaypee Hospital and his team. Bilal’s heart treatment is a huge achievement not only for Jaypee hospital but for the entire Medical fraternity, as his cardiac disorder was a rare occurrence, which is found in one among two lakh children. According to available statistics, till year 1993, only 84 children were found to be suffering from this disease across the world, and so far, only 500 children have been diagnosed with this rare heart disorder worldwide.

Explaining the condition of Bilal, Dr. Rajesh Sharma, Director, Paediatric Cardiac Surgery, Jaypee Hospital said, “There are two chambers on both sides of human heart, which are of the same size but in Bilal’s case the muscles of his right chamber became weak and got enlarged in size. Due to the increased size of the right chamber, pressure was built up on the left chamber of his heart. As a result, the child’s heart was not functioning properly and the pumped blood was unable to reach the child’s lungs resulting in high risk for his life.”  Dr. Rajesh Sharma further added, “This disease is calleyd UHL’S anomaly. Prior to bringing Bilal to Jaypee Hospital his parents had contacted hospitals in other countries including Pakistan, but he did not undergo the heart surgery anywhere due to the lack of proper assurance. Bilal was brought here after being reassured of Jaypee Hospital’s record of successful treatment in such cases.”   Explaining further he said, “This disease was treated with Fontan Procedure and Right Ventricle Exclusion from Circulation method.  Under this procedure, the entire blue blood of the      child’s body was pumped directly into his lungs through a tube and the right chamber of the heart is removed. The critical surgery took about 5 hours.” Dr. Rajesh further added, “Due to prolonged illness, the child had become very weak, hence, he was kept on ventilator for four days post the surgery. Along with this, he was given medicines so that his body gains immunity and does not develop any infections.   The baby was also given a high calorie, high protein and vitamin diet through feeding tube to ensure speedy recovery. The baby was shifted to normal ward after his body recovered from the changes during the disease due to Micro Nutrient Deficiency.” “This disease is caused mainly due to two reasons. The first reason could be if a parent is married in a close blood relation, then the child is likely to develop this disease or due to environmental factor too the baby can suffer from the disease.” informed Dr. Rajesh.  Bilal underwent the surgery last month and he recently got discharged last week from the hospital after recovering.

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