Blueair  distributes 10,000 N-95 pollution masks to Delhi police serving on day and eve of Diwali

Blueair  distributes 10,000 N-95 pollution masks to Delhi police serving on day and eve of Diwali
  • N-95 pollution masks will help minimize the impact of toxic air on health of Delhi police during duty hours
  •  Blueair has been taking CSR initiatives for last three years to help improve environmental condition and raise awareness on air pollution in Delhi-NCR

New Delhi, October 17, 2017: In a bid to arm and prepare Delhi police beat the highly polluted during Diwali, Blueair distributed N95 pollution masks to the police team serving on the day of festival. Ten thousands anti-pollution masks was  handed over to police at Traffic Police headquarter, Delhi on 17th October afternoon around 12:30 pm.

Air quality in Delhi-NCR is already deemed to be highly polluted, which during Diwali becomes even more toxic and unbreathable and takes major toll on its people, especially those who have to spend more of their time outside serving duty or other business.

Arvind Chabra, Head, Blueair India Said “Delhi police team is amongst those highly vulnerable groups who, in line of their duty, spends hours breathing highly toxic air on the day of Diwali becoming more prone to respiratory and other lungs related ailments. These anti-pollution masks will minimize the major impact of toxic air on their health during the duty hours. This initiative will help ensure safety of police personnel from the ill-effects of polluted air, especially from post Diwali air toxicity,”

Special Commissioner of Police,traffic, Delhi Dependra Pathak  said “Delhi suffers from one of the worst spells of air pollution during Diwali. It becomes a pronounced problem for Delhi police personnel who are dealing with strained environmental condition while serving their duty. These masks from Blueair will help minimize the impact of alarming air pollution on them during the festival,”


“The initiative will also help create awareness about the deteriorating air quality and how to protect oneself until situation gets better,” added Special Police commissioner.

Blueair has been actively engaged in organizing activities to improve the environmental condition and help improve the awareness to control air pollution across Delhi-NCR. This is an extension of their CSR initiative, which is ongoing for last three years in various forms like ‘See your lungs campaign, save your lungs campaign, planting 10,000 trees to control pollution, plantation march by more than 200 handicapped and school children on World Environment Day, Launching ‘Clean Air Express’ to spread awareness on ways to control air pollution across Delhi-NCR.

About Blueair:

Blueair is a 21 years old air experts & world’s leading indoor air purifier company from Sweden. With its patent HEPASilent™ Technology it removes 99.97% of air pollutants down to 0.1 micron. Hence removing minutest of the air pollutants from air like, bacteria, viruses, fine dust etc. Blueair purifiers are energy efficient and delivers clean air with whisper silent performance.


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