Cake mixing kicks off Christmas celebrations at Velvet Clark Exotica, Zirakpur

“The history of cake-mixing says that it marked the arrival of the harvest season.”



Chandigarh, November 23, 2022:

The Chef at Velvet Clarks Exotica, Zirakpur has begin the preparations for the traditional Christmas plum cake, to spread the cheer and warmth of the festive season, they organised a stress-free gathering and invited people from different walks of life to take part in the traditional cake mixing ceremony.

The event was elaborately arranged with fully-decorated Christmas tree and Christmas carols playing in the background. The jolly atmosphere was much underway as the beaming General Manager Maninder jit Singh Sibal led the guests particular the in-house guests, his counterparts and few other known citizens.

Plastic gloves, tissue aprons and Santa caps were distributed to all and everybody moved towards the 12 feet long steel table on which the ingredients were kept. The 75 kilos of chopped, grated and sliced dried fruits were not just heaped on the table but were laid out in colourful combination in the shapes of a snowman Christmas tree.

As pairs of hands crushed and patted, flipped and tossed, pressed and over-turned the dry fruits including the omega-3 rich walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, pistas, dates, yellow, dry and black raisins, apricot, figs, dry ginger chips, orange peels, prunes and cranberries along with a variety of liquor .It is believed to be the harbinger of happiness.

The first step towards making the cake is the mixing process, formally called the cake-mixing ceremony. “It is a ritual religiously followed the world over, and is said to be a harbinger of good tidings and happiness,”

To store for a long period of time, wrap the cake in brandy or wine-soaked towels, and then wrap in either plastic wrap or aluminium foil.
What temperature do you bake a fruit cake – Always bake fruitcakes slowly, at a low temperature — between 275 to 325 degrees F (135 to 165 degrees C
What Alcohol In FRUIT Cake – More normally an alcohol such as brandy Wine and Rum

Here are 8 fascinating facts about this Christmas cake.
1. It has a really long shelf life: Christmas cake or fruitcake can last for months and years.
2. It is packed with energy: Christmas cake has a high ratio of fruits to flour and hence is packed with nutrients
3. Naturally dried fruits are the key to a good Christmas cake:
4. You can put any fruit into Christmas cake: Christmas fruit cake is an all inclusive cake.
5. It gets better with time: Like wine, Christmas cake ages and tastes better with time.
6. It is a very old recipe: Christmas cake is said to date back to the Roman empire. The Romans used a mixture of pine nuts, barley, raisins, sweetened wine and pomegranate seeds to make a version of the Christmas cake known as satura.
7. The origins of Christmas cake lies in a meat pie: Christmas cake has evolved from the plum pudding. This plum pudding was originally a pie of mixed minced meats and fruits.
8. Christmas cake was traditionally not eaten on Christmas day: Christmas cake was originally eaten on the twelfth day of Christmas.

The history of cake-mixing says that it marked the arrival of the harvest season. During those days a lot of fruits and nuts were picked, to go into the preparation of the traditional Christmas fruit cake. They used to save up the mix for the coming year in the belief that it would bring another abundant year.


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