ICU Facilities in Private Hospitals Referred by Delhi Government


New Delhi, November 30, 2019:

The medical treatment in government hospitals is free. As per article 47 it is the duty of the state government to provide free treatment for all emergency situations and medical conditions under the National or State health Programs.

Most state hospitals are not able to meet the demand and therefore the only solution is to empanel private hospitals under predefined fee structure to provide cover for referred patients from state run government hospitals for non-availability of beds for an investigation.

Currently Delhi Government provides free treatment for all victims of accident, rape, CSA, acid burn through all hospitals, private or government. Through the Delhi Arogya Kosh the Government also provides free high end diagnostics to all citizens of Delhi referred by Delhi Government Hospitals if the waiting list for any of these crosses 30 days.

Now, Delhi government is planning to provide ICU services to all residents of Delhi in various empaneled private hospitals with over 100 beds and three ICU beds on a predefined rate per day if no ICU bed is available in government hospital. As per new guidelines empaneled private hospitals with 100 or more beds including a minimum of 3 ICU beds and accredited with NABH will be providing these services.

Currently less than 4 persons of beds in Delhi government hospitals have ventilator facility. As per International Standards 10% of beds should have ventilator facilities. These hospitals will be paid at all inclusive package rates fixed by Delhi Arogya Kosh.

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