Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals observes World Physiotherapy Day, emphasizes importance of body balance and brain health

“Balance and memory tests conducted to assess mental and physical status”

New Delhi, September 07, 2019 :

Leading super-specialty tertiary care hospital, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals today observed World Physiotherapy Day (September 8) to convey the message of ‘Sharp Brain, Better Balance’. The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation conducted Balance and Memory tests to assess the cognitive (mental) and physical health status at a special camp. World Physiotherapy Day is an opportunity to raise awareness on the role of Physiotherapy in keeping people well, mobile and independent. Keeping in line with this year’s theme of chronic pain, the emphasis was on the importance of body balance and brain health.

Addressing a press conference, Dr. Seema Grover, Chief Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Medicine at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals said, “The World Physiotherapy Day allows us to raise awareness of the importance of body balance and brain health. With better balance comes a sharper brain, and with a sharper brain comes a better life! However, balance is a complex mechanism and is related to fall risk. Balance training through proper exercises maintain not just the body but also the mind. Physiotherapy plays a major role in helping improve movement, posture and muscle tone. Maintaining brain health by staying mentally active is also important. Physiotherapy is invaluable in helping people of all ages who have their regular ability to move and function limited due to medical conditions, illnesses or injuries. A simple balance and memory test will help ensure an early detection of fall risk, memory concerns. Followed by proper prescription for good quality of life.”

Dr. Grover also spoke on aspects of neurological problems that lead to disruption in balance and memory and how body balance relates to sharper brain function in everyday life. She said, “Falls are not a normal part of aging and can be prevented. Testing will help early detection and management of the issue and reduce the risk.”

The free balance testing at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals was conducted by Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Medicine, and individuals were advised on ways to improve balance & decrease their fall risk. The memory screening helped people to understand their memory level & ways to enhance memory & cognition.


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