Oasis Fertility Warangal celebrates its 5th year anniversary with IVF Born babies and 200 Gynecologists from Warangal

Warangal, November 20, 2022:

With changing lifestyles, delayed parenthood, stress, and other environmental factors, there has been a steep rise in infertility in India. Fertility centres have mushroomed but there are very few centres that provide ethical, transparent, and evidence-based treatment to infertile couples. State-of-the-art IVF labs, hi-tech equipment backed by highly qualified fertility specialists and embryologists is the need of the hour.

Oasis Fertility, Warangal celebrated its 5th year anniversary today. Dr Jalagam Kavya Rao, Clinical Head & Fertility Specialist, Oasis Fertility, Warangal and Mr. Sudhaker Jadhav, Chief Operating Officer, Oasis Fertility graced the occasion and celebrated the anniversary with IVF born babies born from the centre in the last 5 years. Many couples with their kids participated in the event and shared their experiences at Oasis Fertility.

In the evening Oasis Fertility conducted ART Conclave, a congregation of eminent fertility specialists, top-notch embryologists, and distinguished gynecologists to set the ball rolling for disseminating the scientific ideas, advanced treatment procedures, latest developments in the fertility segment.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Kavya Rao, Clinical Head & Fertility Specialist, Oasis Fertility, Warangal stated “I’m very happy that we have been able to help thousands of couples achieve their parenthood dream in the last 5 years. We follow a holistic approach involving diet, exercise, and advanced fertility treatments to enable fertility-challenged couples to become parents. Our prime motive is to provide accessible, affordable, and highly advanced treatments. I urge couples to visit a fertility specialist if they have been unable to conceive even after a year. Fertility declines with age, so the earlier the intervention, the better the outcome”.

Speaking about the ART Conclave doctor said “Through ART conclave, we intend to propagate the new-gen techniques to a broader set of the population including fertility specialists and gynecologists that can help in improving patient outcomes. We have been very excited since the day Oasis Fertility started its operations in Warangal and we were always a frontrunner in the Telangana region with advanced technologies, top-class fertility specialists, and world-class IVF labs. Our Warangal centre is one of the very few centres in the country offering the Micro-TESE procedure to treat male infertility”.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sudhaker Jadhav, Chief Operating Officer, Oasis Fertility said, “We have been offering the best-in-class fertility treatments to the couples and ensure they have their own biological child. Both male and female infertility issues are taken care of by our top-notch specialists. Our compassionate and highly skilled doctors have been helping couples to form a wonderful bond called family. We offer several services like Fertility Preservation that can enable even cancer patients to achieve their parenthood dream”

Speaking about the conclave “There is a rapid transformation in terms of technology in the fertility space, through ART conclaves like this, we aim to throw light on the scientific advancements that happen at a global level. Not only that, we aspire to share our expertise with the fertility fraternity which can result in a better patient treatment journey”.


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