“With India witnessing the second wave of Covid-19, people have only two choices – one is natural Covid and other is muscle Covid” : Dr KK Aggarwal

Lax attitude of people in social gatherings, deliberate delaying of vaccination& UK variant to blame for second wave of Covid-19 : Dr K K Talwar



New Delhi, April 01, 2021:

The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), one of the apex trade associations of the country successfully organized another edition of the webinar series on ‘Illness to Wellness’ campaign, themed around “Resurgence of COVID–19: Mutation and other Factors”.

ASSOCHAM organized this webinar with an objective to cascade mass awareness and disseminate knowledge & wisdom for possible reasons and prevention from second wave of novel coronavirus.

The virtual event was graced by a team of eminent doctors who shared their valuable inputs, which included – Dr Gautam Bhansali, practicing physician & consultant at Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences; Dr P. Venkata Krishnan, senior consultant-internal medicine, Artemis Hospitals; (Padma Shri) Dr K.K. Aggarwal, President, Confederation of Medial Association of Asia and Oceania, Heart Care Foundation of India, past national president, Indian Medical Association; Prof. (Dr) Tarun Kumar Sahni, head of internal & hyperbaric medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and senior consultant physician, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals; (Padma Bhushan) Dr K.K. Talwar, Chairman, PSRI Heart Institute, former head of cardiology department, AIIMS Delhi & director, PGIMER, Chandigarh  and Dr Rajesh Kesari, founder and director, Total Care Control who served as a moderator for the panel.

The ASSOCHAM’s campaign running under a CSR initiative supported by SAVLON and digital media partner healthysoch, aims at promoting healthy living with a keen focus on wellness and preventive health through healthy habits, diet, exercise, and holistic health.

All the panelists coherently and unanimously propounded that lockdown is not a long term feasible and healthy solution, but vaccination and social protocols are the effective ways to control the further spread of COVID–19 pandemic.

Noting that there is no need to panic or stress about the second wave of Covid-19, Dr Bhansali said that all healthcare workers are geared up for treatment and medicines along with all infrastructure is available. “The reason for increase in positive cases is more testing. Thus staying calm, taking vaccine along with all necessary precautions like wearing a mask, social distancing and sanitizing will help the cause.”

He also added that the vaccination program is being managed in the best possible manner in India compared to rest of the world. The vaccination program can help conduct a “surgical strike” on coronavirus. Highlighting that people in the age group of 20 to 45 years are the most vulnerable and potent carrier of the Covid-19 virus, Dr Bhansali said that the medical infrastructure is adequate to meet and overcome all the present challenges of the virus in Mumbai.

Dr K K Talwar

Dr Talwar blamed the general public’s lax attitude in terms of Covid-protective behaviour s(social vaccine) together with opening of normal activity and new mutant (UK mutant) for second wave of Covid-19. “The only way we can control it is by following protocols including use of face mask, physical distancing and strictly avoiding social gathering. Vaccine is a major hope to control this crisis as such people should be motivated to take vaccine and not worry about false rumours as over six crores people have already been vaccinated across India without any serious problem.”

He said that government also needs to be proactive and must create facilities for vaccination at the doorstep.

In his address, Dr Aggarwal said, “With India witnessing the second wave of Covid-19, people have only two choices – one is natural Covid and other is muscle Covid which is a vaccine, predictable, less harmful and produces early antibodies. People who have not been affected by the virus, and have not yet taken the vaccine eventually fall under high-risk group and they should protect themselves. Prevention is possible through measures like – wearing a double mask. While the Government is making sure that each one of us will get vaccinated, until then protecting oneself is the only best mantra.”

Taking the jab and following protocols only ways to stay protected from Covid-19. Dr Krishnan, in his address said, “Covid–19 is a dangerous infection and the only way to fight it is by keeping ourselves safe by following the protocols and through vaccination.”

Noting that vaccination is a must for all, he said, “All vaccines in India are effective and protective. Delaying vaccination is putting self in harm’s way, thus taking precaution is always better.”

Addressing the delegates in the ASSOCHAM webinar, Dr Sahni said that resurgence of Covid-19 cannot be blamed solely on the mutant strain of the virus. “The individual factors – active young adults travelling for enjoyment and social factors – get togethers, marriage ceremonies, restaurants can be controlled by seriously following all protocols.

The session was moderated by Dr Rajesh Kesari, founder and director, Total Care Control who also shed some light on the gravitas of the topic and highlighted the need to stay healthy and eat right, as he successfully summarized the discussion with expert inputs of the esteemed panel.


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