World Purple Day, 2017

A chance to understand Epilepsy better , Spreading awareness to support Epileptic patients in the best way possible

Delhi/NCR, 26th March 2017: World Purple Day, celebrated on 26th March every year, is an occasion to create awareness and spread support for Epilepsy. A neurological disorder, epileptic seizures are a result of excessive electrical discharges in the brain cells which result in unprovoked seizures. These seizures can be temporary or prolonged and often result in convulsions, loss of consciousness, muscle jerks and uncontrolled bladder function. A single seizure along with alterations in the brain allows future seizures to take place.

Epilepsy is a chronic and non-communicable condition which is feared, discriminated against and highly stigmatised, as it has not been understood by the general public. It strains the quality of life for people who suffer from it and their families, making it extremely difficult to manage. 50 million people suffer from this condition with 2.4 million new cases reported every year. 80% of people who suffer from Epilepsy come from the low and middle income countries. Three – fourths of these people cannot avail treatment as there is no access to it. Among people who do have access to treatment, only 70% find it helpful and respond to it. Epilepsy often results in causing accidental and preventable deaths.

Today on this World Purple Day, Dr.Atampreet Singh, Senior Consultant, Department of Neurology Fortis Hospital, Noida shares some of the ‘Do’ and Don’ts  to be observed in case of an Epileptic seizure.


  • Protect the person from injury or falling by laying them down gently
  • Place them in the recovery position (on one side) once the seizure is over
  • Call for ambulance if:

–  The Seizure continues for more than five minutes

–  One seizure follows another without the victim regaining consciousness

– The person is injured during the seizure


  • Restrain the person’s movements
  • Put anything in the person’s mouth
  • Try to move the person unless they are in danger
  • Give them anything to eat or drink before full recovery
  • Attempt to bring them back to a conscious state

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