Avon Cycles Focusing 25% Market hike in 2020 by indorsing Tiger Shroff Brand Ambassador.

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New Delhi, April 06, 2019 :

Avon was born from a tradition of innovation. Since it was established in 1951, the company’s focus has always been on technological innovation. In a time when importing parts and assembling cycles was the norm, Avon made the bold decision to manufacture every part in-house. Since then, the company has achieved a huge milestone in the quest for innovation. Today, almost 68 years later, with Mr. Onkar Pahwa at the helm as CMD, the company stands as an embodiment of technical know-how and industrial innovation in the bicycle industry.

The company’s most recent offering, their brand new range of Cyclux bikes, is a direct result of the company’s laser-focus on technological innovation. Featuring a host of innovations, the bikes are crafted with futuristic designs, stunning looks, world-class technology, best components, zero defect quality, and high precision & reliability.

Created for the new breed of adventurous riders, the marketing also had to address this unique niche. And so, in a significant move for the company, Avon has chosen to sign a brand ambassador specifically for this range. First time in its 68 years history, Avon has chosen Tiger Shroff, famous Bollywood actor and fitness icon, to be the brand ambassador for their Cyclux range.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Onkar Singh Pahwa stated, “This is an historic move for Avon. For 68 years, we have built up a reputation of reliability and trust. This is the first time that we have collaborated with a celebrity. With a brand new range like Cyclux, we felt that it was important to make an impact. And of course, a young celebrity like Tiger Shroff has an immediate connect with the youth, who are our target market for this range.”

Adding on to this, Mr. Rishi Pahwa, Jt. MD commented, “We felt that this was a good strategy to appeal to the younger generation who are now into cycling as a means of adventure and fitness. Tiger’s connection with this market is clear. Like the spirit of Cyclux, he exhibits characteristics of determination, tenacity and perseverance. His fitness and athletic ability are of course unquestionable. As a hardworking actor who has established his own niche at a young age, he is the perfect embodiment of what Cyclux hopes to project. We are sure that this is the beginning of a very successful relationship.”

Avon is already in the top 3 cycle manufacturers of the country and with the launch of this new range, the company hopes to access a whole new market. The Cyclux range is targeted at city-cycling enthusiasts as well as those who are into biking for the thrill of the ride and often go on long cycling tours and events. With a unique line-up and innovative features, the new range is sure to delight this market. Mr. Mandeep Pahwa, Executive Director states, “The Cyclux range is a little out of our usual forte. But we are sure that we have delivered top-notch products. The usual Avon quality can, of course, be expected. But beyond that, I think riders will be delighted to see for themselves the attention to detail that we have put into this range. Each cycle in the range has been researched and developed over a period of years to arrive at the perfect combination of features, design and price. As a whole, the Cyclux range offers value-for-money that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere in the market.”

With their new brand ambassador Tiger Shroff launching the Cyclux range early this year, Avon has come out of the gates running and already seems to have set the pace for an exciting 2019.


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