Low-cost end to end Home Care solutions

“Home Care for COVID to be covered”

Hyderabad/Chandigarh, October 12, 2021:

City based NGO, Helping Hand Foundation, which has been working for the economically weaker sections in Health domain for over two decades, has now forayed into budget community health home care services in a non-profit model under the brand HHF HEALTH.

According the NGO, Post Covid, there is a spurt in demand for several community level home health care services, many patients are looking at end to end health services at the door step for ease of access and the fear and anxiety of visiting hospitals /clinics in the pandemic.

A survey done by the NGO last month, in which family members of about 200 plus patients, who underwent critical care treatment were interviewed and the result have revealed that 80% of the patients are looking for cost effective home care solutions as they are financially exhausted by the time the patient is discharged from the hospital. 

HHF Health, will bring to the door step a wide range of low cost, high-quality community health services with compassion, which will include doctor on call or vist, nursing and bed side care, physiotherapy, Labs and diagnostics (In-house), Pharmacy, Ambulances, medical equipment, rehabilitation care, mainly targeting the middle and lower middle-class segments.

Under Home Care services doctors will provide both online and on-site services, apart from nursing, bed side care and physiotherapy. The nursing care will help patients who need IV fluids & Injectables, wound dressing, bed sore care, foley catheter replacement, riles tube feeding & other routine bed side care right from seasonal diseases to chronic ones.

The home care initiative will be particularly beneficial to patients suffering from COVID under home isolation, post-COVID, Stroke, trauma & patients who need daily dressing to wounds and infective limbs like diabetic foot, gangrene, cellulitis, patients who have developed bed sores and others who are incapacitated due to chronic illness.

With a proven track record of running patient care in several large government hospitals, HHF has picked up a team of highly compassionate, competent and committed team of doctors, nurses, bed side care givers, physiotherapist, Pathologist, Biochemists, lab technicians etc for providing home care services within the city limits.

An in-house diagnostic lab has been set up which will do all Blood investigations under pathology, biochemistry & microbiology at throw away prices. COVID Profile, Dengue Serology, Surgical profile will be done at 1/4th of the market cost. Door collection of samples will be provided.

Patients can also avail ambulance services, order medicines for door delivery and lease medical equipment like patient beds, Oxygen cylinders, Concentrators, Bi-pap machines etc.


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