Medical profession does not need any regulators: IMA

Medical profession does not need any regulators: IMA

Doctors are considered next to God and require no regulators

New Delhi, December 27, 2017: The Union Cabinet recently rendered another blow to the medical profession with the approval of the draft National Medical Commission Bill, 2017. The NMC will “cripple” the functioning of the medical profession by making it completely answerable to the bureaucracy and non-medical administrators. Devoid of federal character, this non-representative half non-medical body will be a poor substitute for the MCI. NMC will not represent the medical profession of India in any manner.

Delivering affordable health care to India’s billion plus people presents enormous challenges and opportunities for the medical fraternity. Political ideologies play a distinctive role in determining the health policies of our country. The profession is fighting to ensure that further escalation of healthcare costs can be avoided. This, again, is only for the greater good of the community. This and other points were discussed at the Annual Central Council Meeting of the IMA held in Mumbai.

Medical profession is regarded as a noble profession and no other profession has been given a similar high status. ‘Doctors treat, but God heals’ is a well-known saying. Doctors are considered next to Gods and hence require no regulators. They need to self-regulate themselves,” said Dr KK Aggarwal National President IMA during the Annual Central Council meeting.


Addressing the Central Council meeting, Dr KK Aggarwal and Dr Ravi Wankhedkar Incoming National President IMA, in a joint statement, said, “Dharma of a doctor is to treat and save the life of a person at any cost. It is time that the community supports us as we support them. We speak the loudest when we speak with one voice. Now, all corporate houses shall have to follow the MCI ethics and will help the profession provide affordable healthcare.”

Honorary Secretary General IMA Dr R N Tandon said, “Today, IMA is the largest medical professional body and is committed to affordable health care.”

The IMA has added the following in the last one year.

  • New medical emblem for doctors to differentiate MBBS doctors from non-MBBS doctors
  • IMA self-regulation code
  • A one-day educational event on TB with over 1000 doctors in March 2018
  • IMA policy on preventing antibiotic resistance
  • IMA restoration guidelines
  • IMA declaration of pollution as public health emergency\
  • IMA policy on writing NLEM drugs and capping the prices of non-NLEM items
  • New guidelines on criminal prosecution of doctors
  • IMA no incentive policy (no cuts, no commissions, no referral fee without service)
  • IMA accreditation of clinics, less than 50 bedded medical establishments and educational programmes
  • Aao School Chalen on the 5th of every month
  • IMA One drug-One price-One company policy

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