Persistent Very poor air quality in capital drives up sale of air purifiers

Persistent Very poor air quality in capital drives up sale of air purifiers
  • Persistent  Poor Air Quality increases the  demand of air purifiers by many folds
  •  Air purifiers is proving to be major respite for people with respiratory illnesses

New Delhi, November 9, 2017: As city chokes under the blanket of smog, many are turning to air purifiers for respite and easy breathing. Analysts are foretelling that demand is expected to hike even more in the coming days as air quality will deteriorate further with the onset of winters, fall in wind speed along with effects of stubble burning across parts of Punjab and Haryana.

Worsening air quality every year is the major concern for people at large, especially for children, people with respiratory illnesses and elderly. Due to constant educational drives, government initiatives and awareness campaigns, people are becoming more informed about the dangerous effects of air pollution and seeking ways to safeguard themselves.

“Growing awareness and rise in air pollution has triggered the demand for air purifiers.  There is a significant surge in demand for air purifiers during this time as many come seeking a solution that can help them breathe easy and provide relief. Demand for Air purifiers is mainly coming from  segment who want to protect their children, elderly and also from people with asthma and other respiratory illnesses as they are more sensitive. Also, it is helping in controlling number of cases of respiratory diseases caused by rise in air pollution,” said Mr. Arvind Chabra, India Head, Blueair.

There are many studies across the world and also in India to prove that outdoor and indoor air pollution is a serious environmental risk factor that causes or aggravates acute and chronic diseases. [1]

“Quality of air has degraded and become very toxic which is a major health concern for people. Out of all the other factors, open field burning and fall in wind speed is also making the situation worse. We are witnessing almost 40 to 50% increase in patients coming to OPD with respiratory problems. Wearing pollution mask, controlling indoor air quality and using air purifiers at home may give relief to respiratory patients” said Dr S. P. Byotra, Chairman and head, Department of Internal Medicine, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi


Analysts have found that air cleaning devices help significantly in controlling the levels of airborne allergens, particles or in some cases gaseous pollutants inside a house which are responsible for aggravating asthma and bronchitis. Air purifiers can be seen as a best personal protection measure which is most applicable in the desperate situations like these.

Economists find air purifiers as an emerging market in India which is now getting stronger with more awareness and ever increasing pollution problem in the country. Earlier, sales were primarily limited only to selected metro areas with affluents and expats being its major consumers, but now it is getting traction from across the country.

Also, a huge section is demanding air purifiers for office spaces, hospitals and other hospitality sectors.


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